Count down to Found Objects: May 5, 2010

As a part of a year long dedication to using art practice as a form of giving back to the community and making art that will go directly into the hands of the “people”,  ARTivention will launch Found Objects, on Wednesday, May 5, 2010.  This work will highlight the disparity between the art world dominated by capitalistic consumption with aesthetic values dictated by money and the general public.  For 365 days, one  hand knit miniature sweater will be placed in a public location in order to be collected by anyone who happens to want the object.  The catch, though, is that the collector must place a monetary value on the object (no matter how small) and donate that amount to the National Coalition for the Homeless.  Similar to auction houses and gallerists determining the value of art for their audience, I am asking the average person to estimate a value for the services and goods I have provided and to give that amount to support important community partners. Will the sweaters be collected?  Will funds be raised to support social intervention?  Follow the daily progression and see the collection as each sweater will be posted in it’s public location beginning next Wednesday!

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Filed under Activism, Art, Intervention, Subversive

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