Sweater #2

Central Public Library in Tulsa

Sweater on the shelf.

Today, I passed through Tulsa, OK as I made my way back to Chicago.  As the wind was gusting at about 35-40 mph, I decided that the best public place would be something indoors.  After looking for a transit station, arts center, or other indoor place that attracts a wide range of people, I decided that the Central Public Library would be the best bet.  In a way, the library is the most democratic of all places as it encourages people to expand upon their current knowledge of things and invites them to explore an intellectual curiosity.  So, once inside, I thought the best place for the “drop” would be in the mystery section. Sitting quietly next to a tightly shelved row of books, I anticipate that this will sit for some time before being actually picked up and taken to it’s new home, so if you happen to be in Tulsa anytime soon, just visit the Central Public Library!

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Filed under Activism, Art, Intervention, Subversive

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