Sweater #3

Sweater #3

Sweater 3 was placed in front of the St. Louis Arch otherwise known as the gateway to the west.  Gabe and I decided to stay and see if anyone would notice it.  One woman noticed it, but didn’t come close enough to actually read the tag.  Many people came by very close, but no one obviously payed any attention to the object.  It made me wonder who actually was looking at the small details of life and those of whom just pass by not noticing anything. Finally, a security guard or officially dressed person came by and picked up the sweater, asked if it was Gabe’s and read the tag.  Did he notice the object because he observed the same space routinely for the past number of days as a part of his job?  Would he have noticed it if he had been a tourist just passing by? As an extremely visual person, I find that I notice too many things at times and assume that others do likewise, but this experience made me realize that many people probably aren’t as visually engaged.  And while that may seem depressing on one hand, it also reminds me that my role as an artist and visual instigator is even more important.  It also reminded me that while I may live and work within a certain art paradigm, i.e. academia, that the reality of actually inserting my work into every day situations will present itself with uncertain outcomes of many different kinds, ones that were not hypothesized in the studio.

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