Sweater #6

Sweater 6

I didn’t post a picture for yesterday as I am awaiting a photo from my studio assistant since she has taken the responsibility of placing one sweater out and about to document.  But I am sure she will find a great place for it and can’t wait to see the location.  Today, I placed this little guy at the Metra Station of the Burlington Northern line in Brookfield, IL.  There were quite a few people milling about as the train was late,  and I hope that one of them was curious enough to see this sweater.  It’s interesting to walk into a place in order to place the sweater as I always anticipate someone letting me know that I left something behind, or worse, getting into trouble. But then I see a ton of advertisements, business cards, sales gimmicks set up in some obscure location and realize that in this is very similar to a business card of sorts.  One might say this sweater is a sales pitch for a great cause.  At least I hope it results in action for a social cause.

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