Sweater #17

Sweater 17State St. and Van BurenKnitted object #17 was placed on the corner of Van Buren and State St. in Chicago. The small little triangle of green space is surrounded by tall buildings and the “L” tracks and made an ideal location for the sweater.  Upon placement, the gentleman sitting behind the tree in the photo turned around and examined the object.  I didn’t stay too long to see if he collected the sweater, but it was great to see someone engage with the work.  I would like to further explore this idea by placing the object in several different types of locations to see who does and doesn’t respond immediately.  For example, the people at the arch in St. Louis acted as if they didn’t see it.  Was this a result of living in a more suburban or rural environment versus an urban one?  Further comments to follow!

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Filed under Fiber Art, Knitting, Subversive

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