Sweater #32

Sweater 32We have all seen the used strollers heaped with personal belongings being pushed down the sidewalk by people layered in clothing.  Did you ever wonder where they go?  In trying to find a place to situate sweater #32, I recalled passing a make shift shelter/structure while riding the train.  As I was making my way to that location, I crossed an intersection passing by a woman who could barely stand.  She was hunched over  with a red cup in her hand that was extended out to receive money from motorists at the stop light.  It was obvious that she wouldn’t get much money as she didn’t even move around to each car but rather stood fixed to the edge of the curb.  Across the street, another person was walking up and down the line of cars about to enter the expressway holding an identical red cup in hopes of some change.  While observing these two, I was also attempting to find where the entry way to this make shift shelter might be located and found a foot path that led up the berm to the edge of the train tracks.  Following it and trying not to be too conspicuous to the two street corner folks, I immediately came across the image on the left where a collection of personal belongings and folded card board boxes were being stored.  Not wanting to create any strife, I took it in my best interest to vacate immediately, but not before snapping a picture (hence the low quality).   Despite the likeliehood of the collector of this sweater making a donation, it was an ideal site for placement.  I found a metal gate that had been jimmied open leading to the closed train station of a bygone era.  Perfect! As I was photographing the sweater, I noticed in the corner of the viewfinder a sleeping person.  It knocked the breath out of me as it was unexpected but logical at the same time.

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Filed under Homelessness, Intervention, Public sites, Subversive

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