Commune-ique Session #1

Today’s public installation in front of the Field Museum started off rather rocky as the National Weather Service had announced a severe thunderstorm watch and tornado like winds.  After the damage from the previous weekend, it was a difficult call to proceed.  However, along with the help of Roosevelt University students Brenton and Jasmin and SAIC assistant Noel Morical, we were up and running at 1 pm.  The structure definitely caught people’s attention and curiosity, however there were no takers (besides students) who wanted to work within the space.  In addition to recruiting the public to participate by embroidering onto dyed cotton squares, free art work was handed out to passerbys.  It took a moment for people to realize that they weren’t being solicited for a particular social cause other than art awareness.  In the end, the Park District patrol came around and demanded the deconstruction as no permit had been obtained to place this structure in the public park in order to give away free art.  Fortunately, the collective decided to take their time in deconstructing and we ended up leaving just shy of the scheduled time, and with the temps in the 90’s with the heat index in upper 90’s with humidity, it was a welcome reprieve.  Next week’s installation at Lincoln Park will incorporate the structure as more of a portable studio in which I will work on several projects and not solicit people’s interaction, but rather see what occurs as a bystander within the park life on that day.

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