Sweater #36

A community garden in the Cabrini Green neighborhood just east of the north branch of the Chicago River is a sign of the evolution of this community.  Previously, this was one of Chicago’s notoriously crime infested public housing neighborhoods where gang violence and drive by shootings were common place.  However, many of the residents have been displaced as real estate investors began to see the potential of newly constructed property in close proximity to the business loop area.  While many resources have gone into the Cabrini neighborhood, it continues to struggle with the dismantling of urban public housing, closing schools, and gentrification encroachment.  Many people find this fact difficult to understand as by many indicators the neighborhood has improved in safety, amenities and aesthetics.  However, many outsiders also don’t understand the core structure behind urban public housing that has solidified over the decades of dereliction.  No matter what the social structure, it still is a structure none the less and it is interesting to have had personal interactions with community members, service providers and residents of this community.

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Filed under Activism, Architecture, Intervention, Subversive

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