Sweater #39


One of the most idyllic public parks in the suburban region of Chicago, Busse Woods offers a trail system for runners, bikers, in-line skaters as well as boating and fishing venues.  Nestled in a dense suburban field of malls, office buildings and homes and adjacent to O’hare airport, this park’s existence is just amazing seeing that it is prime real estate.  This was not the case when the park was first created.  In fact, a distant family member was recounting how a family farm existed not too far away and was one of the stalling properties for land aquisition of O’hare airport.  Thinking back to how people would farm this region and bring their goods to the train yards for distribution is quite intriguing in the day and age where the fresh fruit on my table came from Chile, South America.  The web of interconnection as many already know is becoming even wider and traveling to nature spots that remain in such a densely populated part of the country reminds me of this fact.

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