Sweater #40

Coin operated massage chairPlaced upon a coin operated massage chair, sweater #41 symbolizes the notion of consumed luxury marketed to highly mobile Americans.  The two massage chairs are located in a rest oasis on one of the toll roads in Illinois which also happens to be quite far from any services for people in need of shelter.  Are people without homes only in grimy parts of an urban landscape? Yes, that’s what many of us are conditioned to believe but especially  in today’s housing crisis, this is far from reality.


Filed under Found Objects, Homelessness

2 responses to “Sweater #40

  1. Amber

    My 11 year old daughter found this sweater while we were returning from our vacation to the U.P. of Michigan back to our home in Indiana. This sweater absolutely made her day, and was quite possibly the highlight of her entire vacation! This is going to teach her a very important lesson in life, and I am grateful for your project. I thought you should know, that you really touched one little girls heart.

    • Oh, thank you so much for taking the time to comment! I am glad that your daughter found it! My kids really want to find a sweater or have me make one for them. It’s so great to have a project that people of all ages can participate. Hope you can keep up with the blog, and thanks again for participating.

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