Sweater #42

This sweater was placed in Columbus Park which is located on the perimeter of the city of Chicago and adjacent to Oak Park.  Once serving a middle to upper income all white area, this neighborhood suffered terribly under the white flight movement that occurred from the ’60-s thru the 80’s.  As a result, this park is now home to public drug dealing in the parking lot right next to a children’s play lot and a community that continues to struggle with crime, gangs, and other inner city dilemmas that might not have occurred if diversity of the neighborhood had been encouraged.  Oak Park learned from the ordeal and made it illegal to visibly place a for sale sign on any property that was being sold in this area to curb the white flight that lead to the influx of the increased diversity it boasts of today.  As a result, I like to boast of living in one of the most tolerant villages in the area that while still has it’s dilemmas, at least attempts to solve some of these issues as they arise.

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