Sweater #44

Sweater #44 was placed in a public bathroom stall at the West Beach of the Indiana Dunes.  The Dunes are located within two steel mills and from this point on clear days such as this you can view downtown Chicago just north west of the steel factory which is on the left side of this picture in a very tiny blob.  The spectacular views from this point don’t include the horrific contrasting images of the mills belching out smoke and dumping mercury into the water. Nor does it give any clue to the incredibly decrepit ghost towns that border this lake between south Chicago and here as many mills have closed down to overseas competition.  Many formerly gorgeous homes in Gary for instance, are boarded up, leaving me to wonder where did all these people go, where do they live now?  Torn between the environmental impact of the mills and the financial impact of having most of them relocated elsewhere, this site reminds me that many things are not black and white, but all varying shades of gray.

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