Commune-ique July 9

On Wednesday, July 9, we set up Commune-ique at Humboldt Park.  Although it was hot and humid, there were still plenty of people out and about.  Joining Noel and I are Enrique and Matthew who are from the neighborhood and shared with us a little background information on the gang territories of the park.  We also discussed cool graffiti crews and where to keep an eye out for their work.  All of us made comments and observations on who uses the park including some who appeared to need both mental and health services, the bicycle crowd behind the Illinois National Guard building and average community members.   Thanks Matthew and Enrique–hope to see you again this Wednesday in Hyde Park (despite the projected heat again!!).  Also, during the week of July 20, look for Commune-ique at a local park possibly near you as we attempt to make a blow out attempt at installing in many parks as possible!  Keep checking back for details–or sign up for a blog subscription to keep posted.

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