Commune-ique on July 14

Last week, Commune-ique was placed in two public parks that constitutes a seminal piece of Chicago history. Designed by Frederick Law Olmsted as a part of the World’s Columbian Exposition in 1893, the Midway Plaisance was the walk way for the visitors to the Exposition as well as a model for urban park planning. Wanting to situate Commune-ique at opposing ends of the Plaisance, the structure was first installed in front of the Loredo Taft public sculpture that looks east ward from Washington Park onto the Midway.  The second installation occurred at the south end of the lagoon in Hyde Park  just behind the Museum of Science and Industry.  The first installation was in a high auto traffic route with many people looking out at both Noel and myself accompanied at times with shouts of approval.  We had one gentleman join us for a studio session where he designed a butterfly that Noel continued to embellish further with embroidery floss.  The second site was a more secluded site and allowed for more casual interaction with folks enjoying the lagoon and nearby park amenities.  The lagoon was the perfect location to visit on such a hot humid Chicago day and bask in the slowness of summer. We had one person really interact with us at this location who really enjoyed the craziness of the structure.  He actively participated in making two small works for us before heading on his way.

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