Sweater #63

After spending a night in one of the worst hotels ever witnessed, I came across this park that boasted the time capsule created in honor of the promoter of helium and in commemoration of it’s discovery.  Amarillo is an interesting place amid the grasslands of the open frontier of cattle country.  Shelter is definitely one topic I pondered as I drove mile after mile with nothing in sight.  The city also made me question why modern cities evolve and develop where they do as we are not as dependent upon traditional infrastructure or systems such as rivers and even rail roads to cultivate commerce, development, services, etc.  Where we settle in this country is truly fascinating since urbanization can happen anywhere.  What makes community, or a community that is productive, experiences growth both culturally and fiscally and can support necessary diversity required to avoid stagnation?  How are supportive networks and systems created in otherwise remote areas?  These were just some of the things I pondered as I placed this sweater in Amarillo.

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