Sweater #64

If you have never been to Cadillac Ranch just outside Amarillo, I strongly urge you to go!  As an artist, I had of course heard of this work and even seen it from the highway on one occasion.  I did not however, realize the significance of the ever evolving, transformational surface of drippy paint that appeared to be oozing out of all parts of these cars as visitors contributed to this monument.  It truly was the perfect site for Sweater #64.  Instead of spray paint, I was using a knitted sweater as my voice of participation.  I think Hello Knitta would be proud. While my work is just a small addition to this masterpiece, it was a great reminder of public expression and inherent desire to leave our mark to commemorate our presence in that moment. The best part of this experience was knowing that people from all over the country came to this location.  Cadillac Ranch was in itself a destination art work.  The one suggestion I would have for the site is to have a regular clean up and recycling of the detritus of spray paint cans and lids accumulating around the cars.  But, then again, the cars aren’t exactly being properly recycled.

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