Sweater #68

After hearing about several incidents of homicides among the homeless, I decided to place sweater #68 in a public cemetery.  Finding the cemetery was fairly easy, but deciding upon which grave marker to place the sweater was extremely difficult.  I meandered the pebbled field during the dry oven-like heat one Sunday afternoon as I began reading each grave marker I passed trying to determine which one to place the sweater.  While aware that this sweater may not be found for quite some time, I couldn’t remove the image of such an object in this location to commemorate those are often forgotten, both the dead and the homeless.   It was my first time visiting a public cemetery and it was an extremely moving experience as I observed some markers that had no names, or birth dates and others with just enough information to spur the imagination about the circumstances and life of the memorialized.  The site for this sweater was the only marker with a white cross, so it seemed appropriate for the occasion for this little guy.

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