Sweater #69

Sweater #69 is brought to you by Theresa Braun and Terri Minkin.  Theresa knitted the sweater and the mittens as well as making a little hanger for the combination!  Terri then placed the sweater  in a prominent spot in the pet section of the local bookstore near her home in Thiensville WI.  Terri comments that this placement was ideal for her as “those who were looking for pet books would have the heart we were trying to touch.” I only wish I was the finder of this little guy–the mittens are just perfect!  Look for more sweaters knitted and placed by willing participants to appear on the site as many have contacted me about participating in some manner.  Additionally, there is a chance that 24 sweaters will be traveling abroad to be a part of an upcoming exhibition (hence the reason for no recent posts as I have been a knitting maniac in preparation for this opportunity). Thanks Terri and Theresa!

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  1. I knit with Theresa and Terri. I am trying get going on some more sweaters to place around the Milwaukee area. I hope they will inspire someone to help people whose lives totally just bite.

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