Sweater #70

So it finally happened.  I forgot to post a sweater that I had placed some time ago, but here it is finally!  This guy was placed back in August towards the end of the month and at one of the picnic tables in the Farmer Education building at ASU in a splendid courtyard that every building should have on campus. As the educational site of future educators, the placement of this sweater made me think of the dilemmas that face children who have no permanent home. It also reminded me of how the access to quality affordable education is one of the most unique and important features of our American identity.  Education allows for the growth of an educated populace, expansion of middle class and development of innovative strategies that contribute to the advancement of our country as a leader.  Hopefully, this little sweater will help broaden people’s awareness of the issues that individuals struggle with in finding affordable housing.

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Filed under Education, Fiber Art

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