Sweater #76

On Friday, September 17, I joined artist Ann Morton during her inter-active site-specific project on National Parking Day.  Ann set up a couch in a parking space in downtown Phoenix and at 6 a.m. began crocheting a textile made from yellow caution tape that will eventually cover the parking space.  I was only able to join her for about an hour and a half knitting a little sweater as we interacted with people on the street.  It was a perfect venue for public interaction and dialogue.  Upon searching for a placement location for the sweater, I was attracted to the Arizona state flag sign that demarcates a point of interest.  Talk about the perfect place to place a sweater! Making homeless issues a point of interest is not what the department of tourism probably had in mind, but Phoenix has been especially hard hit by the housing crisis, so in a way, it’s only stating the obvious.

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Filed under Found Objects, Public sites

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