Sweater #77

Recently there have been several stories in the New York Times and on NPR that have highlighted some of the issues and statistics of the current homeless population.  Surprise, surprise, many of the new homeless are average families that have been kicked out of their homes and are forced to find shelter elsewhere.  In contrast, news articles about banking and finance regulation have determined that banks have inflated the values of many of the homes that remain on their books in order to post positive numbers for shareholders and investors.  The inflated home value then affects those who are trying to short-sale a home in order to get on with their life.  In other articles, shelter and assistance managers are finding it difficult to find suitable housing for families as space is running out.  Yet, homes line the street in various neighborhoods in Phoenix that have been boarded up or left vacant.  The irony of the American Dream.  In honor of this, Sweater #77 has the word “home” on one side of the sweater and “less” on the other side knitted into it and was placed in front of the Phoenix Housing and Urban Development offices.  Reminiscent of a Wal-mart tag, the juxtaposition of this sweater’s meaning and location makes for an ideal moment within this project’s trajectory.

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