Sweater #78

Sweater #78 is brought to you by Jill Mcilroy from Phoenix, AZ.  Jill decided to place her sweater in front of the public sculpture by Janet Echelman entitled “Her Secret is Patience” in downtown Phoenix. Jill comments,  “Even though this public artwork was pretty controversial when it was being installed (the city spent $2.5 Million on it during the recession), I think it’s really beautiful.  Many homeless people congregate in downtown Phoenix, as there are quite a few services available for them.  As a matter of fact, as I was walking back to my car from placing the sweater, I was asked for a dollar from a homeless man and had nothing to give him.  How ironic!  Hopefully the person who finds this sweater will donate a lot more than $1.”

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Filed under Found Objects, Homelessness, Public sites

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