Sweater #80

The sun was setting behind a cloud bank in the western sky turning the rays into the shimmering beams similar to those that adorn the Arizona flag. Desperately trying to beat the sun’s demise for the day, I was frantically searching for a different location for a placement when I came across this amazing sign. Immediately after placing the sweater, a man in a small white pick-up traveling northbound flagged me down as I walked back to my vehicle and  asked what I was doing in this particular neighborhood.  Apparently, I stuck out like a scarecrow in a field of corn and was not the first person who had been attracted to the sign.  I attempted to explain the project but was continuously interrupted by buses and cars racing in between me and the man in the white truck.  Maybe the next person who stops to snap an image of the sign will also discover the sweater.

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Filed under Found Objects

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