Sweater #98

On view is the sweater knitted by Kathy Schultz who placed sweater #98 in a children’s hospital parking lot.  Kathy, like Terri, was also reflecting upon the need for affordable health care for children in families who struggle with housing issues.  For families who fall just outside of the governmental guidelines for poverty, there can be limited health support for children.   For a family of 4, the current poverty line is $22,050.  In case anyone hasn’t raised a family, there is no way that all expenses could be met with this income, especially since it means a probable combination of low-wage jobs that offer no benefits. So, if you happen to make $100 above this amount, then you are more than likely to not receive any health care or well care as this expense will occur out of pocket as the average health insurance cost is $1,200 per month for a family of 3.

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