Sweater #100

This is a momentous occasion as it is the 100th sweater placed out in public since May 5.  While still  behind production and placement due to the trivial things that life throws our way, this project is closer to achieving the goal of placing 365 sweaters in big thanks to contributors such as Terri, Kathy and Pamela and many others who have helped place sweaters, help with tag production or promoted the project via word of mouth.  Way to go!  Sweater #100 is given to us by Terri and showcases the excess goods found in department stores that seem to be on every corner of the U.S.  Terri described her frustration and anger over this excessive merchandising catering to our consumption behavior as each purse represents a wage paid to an overseas worker and the carbon cost of each item to make it to each corner of our nation.  How many purses could a town need to choose from?  And how many purses do women really need? And in case you are trying to find the sweater, it is at the top portion of this display oddly juxtaposed to the menagerie of styles available.

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Filed under Found Objects, Subversive

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