Sweaters #103, 104, 105, 106, 107 and 108 And Gallery UP

Three of these six sweaters were actually given to a person directly upon her inquiry into what I was knitting as I often have a knitting bag attached to me at all times just in case I get a few seconds to be productive.  So, in peculiar places like doctor’s offices, bookstores, soccer games and such, I am able to promote the project, interact with people about the issue and offer something tangible in return.  In this case, the woman offered to pay me directly for the sweaters as she was correlating my work to a viable product (yeah! doesn’t happen much to us artists).  Instead, I reminded her to make a donation to the National Coalition for the Homeless.  The other three sweaters are in Rock Hill, SC and will be a part of a graffiti knitting event Nov. 11-13  in conjunction with Gallery UP, so if you are in Rock Hill, look out for a miniature sweater!


Filed under Fiber Art, Found Objects, Homelessness, Knitting, Public sites, Subversive

2 responses to “Sweaters #103, 104, 105, 106, 107 and 108 And Gallery UP

  1. Thanks so much for keeping up the great work and for your support of NCH!!

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