Sweater #119

The sweater to the right is the second sweater participating in the sister city exhibition with Cairns Australia.  The bottom right sweater is also knitted by fellow Canadian knitter, Pamela and was placed at Black Sheep Yarn in Port Moody, Canada.  As conversations between Pamela and other fellow knitters in the shop progressed, it turns out that the knitting crowd is one of abundant giving as they too were knitting for others who where
less fortunate.  It just so happens that these knitters are knitting items probably a bit more practical for the less fortunate in Canada such as sweaters, scarves, hats, mittens and gloves.  The sunny temperate climate of the U.S.’s southwest doesn’t always demand such items which makes the little sweaters a great find for the desert dwellers. While it was the intention of highlighting the connection between the sister cities of Cairns, AU and Scottsdale, AZ, it is a great reminder that we are all connected no matter what the regional or national border demands.

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