Sweater #122

One of the best parts of this project is exploring different textures and colors in constructing the sweaters.  As a textile guru, attracted to hand made objects due to their hand, tactility and technique, these sweaters all have a uniqueness unto themselves.  The sweater to the immediate left is the 5th sweater taking part in the sister city exhibition and is partnered in this post with a sweater that was placed in the Tempe Christmas parade on November 27.  The festive colors of the season are reflected in the sweater below only by chance as I was experimenting with various ways to get spots of color onto a larger field.  The parade location was an ideal placement as well since the post it was placed on also functions as a flag holder for other special occasions.  Wouldn’t it be interesting to see a whole street lined with flags highlighting the abundance of individuals’ experiences and struggles of housing and equality regarding basic human needs? How would one develop a logo for such diverse experiences, and is this something we want to be proud of as a town, city or country?

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Filed under Found Objects, Homelessness

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