Sweater #123

The little Charlie Brown inspired sweater is the 6th sweater in the Australian project currently taking place and the sweater below is a sweater that was placed along the street near the downtown hub of Tempe, AZ.  The iconic house shaped real estate boxes where this sweater was placed adorns many streets in the Phoenix valley.  But with the current real estate trends, many of them have become empty reminders of the American dream. As this was placed on the day of the Christmas parade, the theme of  A Miracle on 34th St. came to mind as the parade floats were preparing to process down the main through fare.  Another favorite movie, A Wonderful Life, also popped up as this sweater was placed.  Not only is it symbolic that the two iconic holiday movies in American culture have the theme of housing, bank moguls and dreams as the main premise of the movie, but that these two movies also have maintained current relevance.   How many people wish that this Christmas could be spent in a place to call their own? Or have dreams of ambition and success that captures the American imagination?  To dreams of success in whatever forms they may take this holiday season.

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