Sweater #125

This knitted sweater was inspired by the traditional sweater vest. It is also the 7th sweater in the Cairns, AU exhibit and hopefully reflects the warmer temperatures of the summer season.  And, while it is not summer in the southwest, it is definitely warmer than many places in the U.S., and is a prime season for enjoying the outdoors.  The sweater below reflects this time of year and was placed at a local sports complex filled with lively soccer games in all fields while the golden sunshine slowly diminished behind the western mountain range.  And, while it is warm during the day, the night brings on chilly air reminiscent of colder climates.  For those struggling to stay warm on the streets, extra clothing is essential.  So, if you are inclined and haven’t found a sweater, but love to knit and are in the metro-valley, join a student of mine, Ann Morton, as she gathers for 13 Fridays to knit hats for the homeless.  To learn more, click on the contact link to the right and the detailed info will be passed along!

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Filed under Activism, Found Objects, Homelessness, Public sites

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