Sweater #126

Since the land down under also happens to be one of the largest producers of wool, I knitted this sweater from natural gray wool for the body to highlight this fact. It is also the 8th sweater in this series of exhibited pieces.  The sweater below was knitted and placed by Terri at the AmTrak station.  As Terri mentions, “this particular station, although clean and bright, felt cold and a very lonely place to be, even for a short waiting period.” Like many who have traveled, I have also experienced the cold environments of such locations only to look around and then see someone sitting in a chair who obviously is using has no place to go.  When working with an organization over the summer that specialized in assisting youth who struggle with issues of homelessness, one of the things that teens spoke of was how they were often harassed at such public locations for loitering and then were asked to leave.  In most cases, these teens went from location to location and knew just how long they could stay at each location before being forced to go to the next.

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Filed under Found Objects, Homelessness

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