Sweater #127

While this has been mentioned previously, one of the best parts of this project is the ability to experiment with different knitted patterns.  This 9th sweater exhibited in Cairns, AU is a small cable stitch that I played with to produce alternating rows which create a point as they alternate.  I guess only knitting geeks would get into this part of the project, but it is fun to have a reason to play.  The second sweater was knitted by Terri’s friend Lauren from Milwaukee and then placed by Terri at this ATM machine.  The obvious message seems to come across and reminds me of a college experience when I was walking with my room mate and she found a $20 bill on the sidewalk.  I remember being so jealous as I was on a shoestring budget to say the least, often walking 2 miles to school, going without meals and many supplies for studio courses.  My room mate on the other hand ate lunch out every day, had all of the best supplies, and never had to worry about money. The ATM always seems like a magical device that dispenses money upon demand.  True, you have to have the money in the first place, but for many who struggle financially, I am sure the magic of the ability to access any kind of money whether through an ATM or otherwise  is still a very real dilemma.

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