Sweater #129

Sweater #129, also knitted and felted, is the 11th sweater currently in Cairns, Australia. It accompanies another sweater knitted and placed by Terri Minkin at the Cedar Valley Retreat Center.  As a place that inspires peace and tranquility, Terri felt the immediate need to place a sweater in such a location. Especially during this time of year, I can only imagine the need for such places for everyone, and while this project highlights the immediate needs for shelter, emotional well being is also just as important. Many places that serve people who are at risk of being homeless also provide opportunities for social engagement that can fulfill such needs.  A great opportunity to become socially involved is through a collaboration that Ann Morton, a MFA candidate at ASU is leading called 13 Fridays.  If you happen to be in the Phoenix area, or want to also participate in knitting a sweater, then check out her blog that details this project.

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Filed under Education, Found Objects, Homelessness, Intervention

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