Sweater #130

This sweater is a great companion piece to Terri’s sweater knitted below.  The one on the left is in the Australian exhibition and the one on the bottom is placed in a deli. With the sweater on the left, I was attempting to include imagery that directly related to the theme of homelessness and by using patriotic colors, the piece evokes that elusive American Dream of home ownership that many people are unable to obtain. When Terri placed her sweater at the deli, she liked the juxtaposition of the altered American flag on the right and the chocolate coins in the lower left counter. What is great about this placement is that not only was Terri encouraged by her friend to place the sweater at the deli, but the waitress also insisted in placing the sweater in a prominent location. This highlights one of the initial reasons for starting this project–that art can be fun, interactive, inclusive and still have a message that encourages action.  Way to go Terri!

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Filed under Activism, Found Objects, Homelessness, Subversive

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