Sweater #131

I love this sweater–it’s so colorful and reminds me of both the pride flag and of course my childhood where the rainbow was in vogue.  I think everything I owned at the age of 10 was rainbow colored.  While this sweater is enjoying the warm climate of Cairns, Australia, the sweater below was placed at a hotel in north Spartanburg, SC.  Hotels are such interesting locations these sweaters since they are itinerant shelters for travelers. Complete with decorations that connote comfort, stability, cleanliness and security, it is a stark contrast to the gentleman I saw down the street as I was driving into the hotel that wasn’t as fortunate as he was schlepping a cart full of belongings down the sidewalk.  I am hoping that the finder of this sweater reflects upon their own home whether near or far and considers those that don’t have a home to which they will return.

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Filed under Found Objects, Homelessness

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