Sweater #132

Again, trying to attempt shape building in the sweaters as I incorporate and build upon my slipped stitch color patterns with this lovely sweater that is now being showcased in Australia. And across the globe in another part of the United States, we have a new contributor posting to the ARTivention project, Louise Greenfield.  She placed her sweater at the capitol of New Hampshire at the state building.  One photo shows the view of the grand neoclassical architecture of the building with the bottom corner of the sweater peeping out from the tree.  The other photo details the position of the sweater on the tree.  In addition, this little sweater is protected from the elements using a storage bag. It makes a wonderful addition to the festive atmosphere that is being recreated for the season of giving.  Will people who work for the state find the sweater and possibly be reminded to think of all the people they represent and not just an exclusive elite group?  Hard to tell, but one can only hope.

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Filed under Activism, Architecture, Found Objects, Subversive

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