Sweater #137

Unlike many of the other sweaters, this one is knit from cotton and was inspired by the concept of water.  I knit this one at the beginning of September when the desert sun has burned everyone’s nerves down to the nub.  I also didn’t want to have to handle wool as it seemed too hot of a material to use during the arid summer months.  And, while this sweater is in Australia at the moment, the one below was placed on a Christmas tree at a children’s therapy office.  I don’t expect many people to seek this sweater out as it blends right into the ornaments.  However, this seemed like the perfect place for remembering those without stable (mental or otherwise) situations and who are need of psychological therapy.  Even during an evolved, more open awareness regarding mental health, it still seems to carry a stigma that other medical conditions are not associated. I have read many articles that highlight the success rate of decreased numbers of individuals who need public assistance when the proper amount of therapy is maintained.  Yet, when state budgets are cut, mental health programs are usually one of the first to see reduction in funding therefore increasing the number of tax dollars needed for housing and food assistance.  Perplexing?  I would especially think the fiscally conservative politicians would snap up an opportunity to reduce overall government spending and taxation.  Maybe a few letters to state reps highlighting these statistics will convince them to think things through a bit when it comes to budget reduction.

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