Sweater #140

This is the final sweater taking part in the Australian sister city exhibition with Scottsdale, AZ.  Maybe the sweaters will be returning state side soon to be placed around the country.  If anyone wants to participate by receiving a sweater and then placing for finding, there will be a few to choose from soon.  The sweater below was placed in a lounging area of a local mall during the last weekend prior to Christmas.  As one can imagine, it was a bit crowded.  After placing, I turned around and saw that it was across from a kiosk that promoted home sales of local housing communities nearby.  Ironic, maybe, but it made it the perfect site for placement.

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One response to “Sweater #140

  1. Donna D'Orio

    I have been following your blog and love this project.
    I would love to place a sweater in the Portland Oregon area.
    Thank You,
    Donna D’Orio

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