Sweater #143

While in the same shopping area as where the previous sweater was placed, I visited a local booth that showcases artists and artisan works that are normally presented during the farmer’s market during the summer months.  The wonderful store clerk invited me to place the sweater at the store as it makes a great addition to the wonderful hand spun and natural dyed yarns by Wanowa Studio.  I can’t wait to incorporate some of this beautifully hand dyed wool into a sweater soon.  During the conversation, I was also given information regarding a wool festival that takes place during the summer in Flagstaff.  While this project aims to raise awareness of social issues related to homelessness, it also encompasses the importance of sharing information and what can happen as a result of vocalizing interests, passions and concerns. This project has provided many opportunities to connect with fellow knitters, spinners, weavers, activists and supporters that for me would otherwise not be possible.

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Filed under Fiber Art, Found Objects

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