Sweater #144

On Christmas Day, I couldn’t resist the urge to knit a traditional sweater showcasing the red/green color combo. And, while I contemplated for days where to place the sweater, I ended up placing it in a retirement community just south of Phoenix.  It happened to be where I spent Christmas Day, and it provided a great backdrop to the ideal American dream of manicured yards, complete with accessible pedestrian walk ways that meander around the community. This gated community also includes a gulf course and various amenities that almost make it seem like a cruise ship type of living experience including a club house, pool, and various social activities.  Many gated communities proliferate throughout the metropolitan Phoenix area and excel at promoting this complete communal living experience that is clean, orderly and secure.  It is a striking difference to some of the neighborhoods throughout the valley where homes are constructed from found wood, tires, dilapidated mobile home parts or other materials and where the dogs roam freely.  This contrast seemed exceptionally poignant as I walked through this area and placed this sweater.

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