Sweater #145

Sweater #145 is brought to you by Louise and was placed on Christmas day in front of a church in Brunswick, Maine.  Apparently, it was placed just in time as the following day a giant blizzard covered the area with snow. It’s great to know that across the country, another sweater was placed simultaneously on Christmas day to bring awareness to those who may be struggling with finding safe shelter and who may not have the luxury of a secure family to rely upon.  The holiday season can be an especially difficult one for those who are far from family and are alone. But it is also a season of warmth and giving from individuals who share their resources and gifts with those in need. For those who follow Salvation Army and have seen the red kettle, know that many non-profits rely upon the generosity of others this time of year as they raise money to assist local needy families and individuals.  While giving has decreased in the Midwest and West, the northern and southern locales have been holding steady on their contributions to the Salvation Army, according to the Sun Journal. Apparently, those small coins add up and provide 8% of total giving for the Salvation Army.  If that is the case, then hopefully each sweater will bring in enough small change to make a difference!

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