A note from the National Coalition for the Homeless

In response to the question posted earlier on the site regarding the ability to track down any specific giving that may have been derived from this project to date, I post the following.  While there is no direct correlation to on-line donations as contributors would have to have posted something about ARTivention or Found Objects with in the comment section on the site, Megan Hastings, Development Director for NCH, did say that they have seen a steady increase of new on-line donors throughout the past couple of months.  The following is an excerpt of our correspondence:

We’ve received lots of donations from new donors over the past year, so I’m
sure you have made an impact.  Your project raises awareness in subtle ways.
Like those who are desensitized to homelessness because they walk down city
streets populated by hundreds without homes daily, but every now and again,
actually hear the child crying or the man asking for money for food.

We very much appreciate all that you have done to raise awareness and to
support our organization!  I wish you all the warmth and joy a home, friends
and family can bring at the holidays!

My best,

In conclusion of 2010, I want to thank all who have thus far participated, followed, published, shared, or discussed this project.  I look forward to the New Year in anticipation of where these sweaters will take me both physically and mentally.  Happy New Year!

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