Sweater #150

I couldn’t resist placing this sweater here among these letters.  I was walking around downtown Mesa looking for places to place sweaters when I came across a store called FOUND.  Of course, I had to walk in as it seemed to resonate on many different levels with this project, Found Objects.  The store provides customers with both vintage and new items for home decor. After speaking with the owner and trying to convince him that this solicitation of sorts was for social consciousness rather than personal gain, I was able to photograph the sweater. I am not sure exactly where the sweater will land as I gave him permission to place the sweater in any location he saw fit.  If you happen to be browsing along in the arts district of Mesa, keep a look out for this store as well as the neighboring store, as it might be hiding out somewhere amongst the amazing finds.

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One response to “Sweater #150

  1. Terri

    This just makes me smile so big! Lovely choice.

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