Sweater #153

This sweater was placed in Papago Park which is near the Phoenix airport, the light rail, the botanical garden and the zoo.  The low-lying buttes provide rocky crevices for hikers and mountain climbers to explore this desert environment.  As I came across this blockade for the new vegetation of the jumping cholla, it struck me how we work so hard to re-populate natural habitats.  The spiny cacti parts in the background are waiting to take shallow root into the sandy desert soil. The only obstacle for these cacti to rejuvenate is the ability to obtain the proper amount of moisture and sunlight that is needed for this natural process to occur.  I couldn’t help thinking about the obstacles for those attempting to  re-integrate into our societal fabric resulting from issues that often lead to homelessness.  If only it were so easy as to put up a sign and a barricade and let nature take its course.

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Filed under Found Objects, Intervention

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