Sweater #159

As the project is in it’s projected half-way completion point, I have been placing sweaters in locations that might inspire others to join in and knit along side me either figuratively or literaly.  One of the most unique characteristics about this project is its ability to collaborate with people both near and far. It is in this vein that Terri has placed a sweater at her local yarn shop to inspire others to participate in this large collaborative project. People are encouraged to either knit a sweater from the pattern I provide, attach a tag that I also provide, and place in an environment, or to be a part of just the placing and documenting of the sweater.  Tell anyone you know who may want to participate about this project and let’s spread the word!  So far, this project has seen participants all around the country and in Canada.  A future post will outline the locations of people who are participating in either knitting or placing sweaters to visualize how collectively, we can impact a problem by using a creative means.

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Filed under Activism, Found Objects, Intervention

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