Sweater #160

This sweater was placed near the Phoenix Convention Center a few days before the Phoenix Marathon when over 27,000 runners were going to the Center to pick up race materials.  As a marathon participant, I wanted to use this venue to hopefully encourage either an out-of-towner or a local to respond to such a randomly placed object.  Running long distance, whether in a group or as an individual, takes a lot of strength, dedication and individualized focus.  It is easy to get caught up in the all consuming needs of your body as you prepare for such a long race.  And, during training, my long runs have taken me through areas of transient shelters or make-shift residential sites as many of these locations offer free water and access to bathrooms. I have always been grateful as I run by such locations that I only have to worry about sustenance for the brief 3-4 hours of running before I can return to the comfort of my home.  For many, this is an hourly challenge every day.

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