Sweater #161

Sweater #161 was placed at the Wal-Mart parking lot near my apartment complex.  As I entered the lot, I noticed a few campers, R.V.’s and other mobile living units that filled the southwest portion of the parking lot.  Puzzled, I racked my  brain trying to locate a faint memory about R.V.’s and Wal-Mart.  Then I remembered that Wal-Mart welcomes itinerant campers/mobile residencies.    Having frequented this parking lot many times previously, I never noticed the amount of itinerant campers that dot the parking lot.   Then, with this revelation, they jumped out of the landscape, as obvious as the light of day.   While still in shock by this realization, I recalled the brief part of my childhood when I called a camper attached to the back of a pick-up home.  Whether we blended into the landscape as well as this is doubtful, but I do know that we are all probably surrounded by people who are just like these individuals who creatively solve housing dilemmas on a routine basis. After placing the sweater, I was thankful to be able to go home to a place that had a bathroom and running water, the two things I missed most during that brief encounter of camper life.

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Filed under Found Objects, Homelessness, Public sites

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