Sweater #163

Love seems to be in the air these days as demonstrated by yesterday’s post as well as today’s.  This sweater was knitted by Nita and placed by her son who lives in Philadelphia.  William writes, “This sweater has been placed on the miniature version of Robert Indiana’s iconic Philadelphia LOVE sculpture at the center of the University of Pennsylvania campus. The larger version of this sculpture sits downtown in Love Park and represents the concept of ‘brotherly love’ so famous in Philadelphia. In Greek, ‘philos’ is friend and ‘adelphos’ is brother, and this sweater project emodies the brotherhood and friendship we should feel towards one another. Particularly in such a bitterly cold season, the sweater further symbolizes the physical and emotional warmth we all deserve. Hopefully some kind soul will find this sweater and give generously to the National Coalition for the Homeless.”  What a great collaboration–and inspiration to all who want to participate in whatever way possible in this unique project.

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Filed under Found Objects, Homelessness, Public sites

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