Sweater #164

Sweater #164 is brought to us by Leann in Half Moon Bay near San Francisco.  Leann writes about her placement, “We have a boat at the Pier 39 Marina and I was there for an unexpected overnight.  That meant that I was out and about before any of the businesses were open, before tourists, and before any of the normal daytime activities when someone might see me placing the sweater.  Pier 39 is a major tourist attraction in San Francisco where people from all over the world converge.  The Pier is owned by a private company and security measures keep homeless people from using it.  Because travelers would not see the homeless there, I wanted to draw attention to the issue instead of leaving it “out of sight, out of mind.”  The sweater is in a fuschia tree across from the stage where entertainers provide comedy, juggling, magic and other acts for families.”  So, look carefully; it’s almost like a hidden image, but as soon as you see the sweater, it pops into view.

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