Sweater #165

Kathy knitted this little sweater in Wisconsin and she and Terri placed it at a donation box found at the entry point of a miniatures show at the town of Cedarburg Cultural Center.  Cedarburg is an affluent community 20 miles north of Milwaukee.  And while the donation box is clearly for the exhibition, it’s great placement for the sweater.  Funding for both cultural programs and social support services have been cut dramatically in all states and at the federal level.  This decrease in funding will surely cause a decrease quality of life for everyone associated with these programs from the managers employed by the agencies and the clients who receive services.  The image of the money pictured here is a great reminder of our collected need to give.


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2 responses to “Sweater #165

  1. Hi Kathy,
    Thanks for coming to the opening of the Miniature Show at the Cedarburg Cultural Center. The show runs through the end of February, and it’s absolutely terrific!
    As much as we support your cause, however, we have to ask that you do not solicit at our Center. We, too, are a non-profit and–as you have correctly identified in your post–things are tough all over. It’s just not cool to raise money at another non-profit’s event! It’s also not cool to hang the sweaters on our art exhibits…where one was found Saturday night.
    That being said, we wish you luck in your fundraising endeavors. If you would like to pick up the sweaters you left here, they’re in my office.
    Lauren Rose Hofland
    Executive Director, Cedarburg Cultural Center

  2. KathyKathyKathy

    Sorry about that, Lauren. I get your point. It’s too bad you couldn’t find it in your heart to place these sweaters in a “cool” place after removing them. I help you were able to help by contributing to our cause also.

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